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Aviv Collection

Roza Layering Necklace Clasp

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  • Material: stainless steel
  • Finish: 18k gold plated
  • 4 spring ring clasp closure
  • Magnetic closure 
  • Length 1 inch
  • Non tarnish
  • Water, sweat, soap, hand sanitizer, lotion, perfume PROOF
  • Ethically sourced
  • NOTE: Please wipe down jewelry with a polishing cloth after every wear for a longer lasting effect. 

SWIM, SWEAT, SLEEP in our jewels. Our jewelry does not tarnish, is water resistant, and sweat proof. No more green skin with our jewels. Get your jewelry wet. Gym in our jewels. Live a lifted life in our lifted jewels because our jewels can handle your lifestyle.

Customer Reviews

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Rj Tumusok
Great Product!

When I started wearing multiple chains it always felt like a pain to put them on that was until I got this from Aviv! I like that it’s magnetic and can hold up to 4 necklaces. I use mine all the time.

samantha fowler
such an essential!

I didn’t know I needed this until I had it. If you are a layering person this you definitely need this! It’s such an easy clasp and hasn’t rusted at all, even in the water! It keeps my necklaces untangled and holds them situated with the clasp in the back. This is a must have!

Great gift!

I have gotten these for my boyfriend, his mom and my mom and they LOVE this product. It’s something I think everyone needs especially if they love jewelry! Putting on necklaces has never been so easy!

McKenzie Gatlin
Coolest. Thing. Ever.

I had no idea I needed this until I got it. Seriously, it’s made my day to day life so much easier. You just put all of your necklaces on it and snap it on or off just like that. SUCH a time saver and levels up any outfit!!!! Best part about it is that my necklaces don’t get tangled anymore and they don’t flip around to the back, so they’re always easily seen. I get soooo many questions about this at school and work. The best jewelry hack EVER